Gregbo Watson

  •      Gregbo Watson is an illustrator and comic book artist whose credits include works from Marvel, Zenescope, Upper Deck and others.
    Most recognized for his classic Pin-Up style art he brings to modern fan favorites!  Come check out his art, get something signed or even commission him to draw you something special!

John Hairston Jr.

  •      John Hairston Jr. has been an artist for as long as he  can remember. A North Carolina native, he created art before he could  read or write. Throughout his grade school years, he spent the majority  of his time drawing superheroes and listening to any old soul or Hip Hop  records he could get his hands on. He began his career as a professional artist  illustrating storyboards for a string of independent films and several  television ads. He has done commissioned pieces for numerous art  collectors and various non-profit organizations. Hairston’s work is  currently on display in various art galleries all over the East Coast  and Charlotte, NC.

Jamie Biggs

  • Jamie Biggs has been drawing all of his life and is completely self taught. He started drawing comic book characters at the age of five and has never looked back. It's his passion. All of his artwork is done in heavy, HEAVY mechanical pencil. He has worked for Dynamite as well as other publishers. Jamie has done many commissioned pieces over the years for numerous collectors.

Donnie Osborne

Donnie Osborne is a cosplayer, history buff, and artist from Southport, North Carolina. Growing up in an area with pirate history galore, it was only a matter of time before he donned the boots and sword himself, piecing together his preliminary Captain Jack as a Halloween costume. Wanting to authenticate the look even further, he researched the exact fabrics and costume-makers for the movie (ranging from the boot creators in Texas to certain fabrics from London) and assembled a very close replica to Depp’s ensemble from the ‘Pirates’ movies. Having appeared at a variety of business and charity events as Captain Jack for over 14 years, he has perfected his character’s voice, movements and mannerisms down to the ‘T’. Because of his professional representation as the character, Donnie has had the great honor of making an appearance as Captain Jack Sparrow for Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World in Florida. Behind the cosplay scene, Donnie is an Air Force Veteran and former K-9 officer who pursues his passion for painting and creating art. In his spare time, he makes appearances at local (and not-so-local) children’s events and charities like the Children’s Miracle Network, jumping at any chance he can to help raise awareness and funds for such worthy causes. He can be spotted (when not at conventions) at major boat shows along the Eastern seaboard, county and state fairs, as well as randomly strolling along the waterfronts of Southport and Wilmington, surprising tourists, taking pictures, and handing out coins to the children. 

Chris McJunkin

  • Chris McJunkin is a freelance illustrator, sequential artist, letterer, colorist & graphic designer. His past credits include work for 803 Studios, Red Ninja Productions, Heske's Horror, & Arcana.
    Chris has recently contributed to Versicolor's Bettie Page Card Series and Image Comics' Dynamo 5 Sketch Card Series.
    He is currently working on Zero's Heroes for New Haven Comics.
    Chris resides in Florence, S.C., with his awesome girlfriend Rebecca and their two dogs, Churchill and Lulu.
    If you would like to contact Chris, you can reach him at

Buddy Prince

  • Buddy Prince is currently working as an Illustrator and sketch card artist including projects for Marvel, DC, Hack/Slash, Vampirella, and Lady Death to name a few.  
    Always able to work commissions into his busy schedule, Buddy is
    excited to take on new clients, characters and challenges.
    His dogs, Riggs, Murtaugh, Bobby-Elvis and Lucy along with  a steady stream of Netflix are his constant companions during his work days.

Ernie Suggs

  • I was Ernie long before any of you, I run on the finest high-octane coolocity and it's no wonder you have troubled yourself to seek me out. Look around. Feast your eye holes upon my photos, for you cannot see me enough in person and you need your fix. And check out the artwork too. Already aware of my own factor five coolness, feel free to question me on how you too can obtain such a successful level of awesome. I will be  happy to share. See, I give back to the community.

Lyle Pollard

  • Lyle Pollard is the number two guy at Highburn Studios as well as a  talented penciller who has been drawing for longer than he is willing to admit, and would have probably had a much wealthier existence if he had played basketball or baseball or something. Fortunately for the comics community, he sucked at all sports, and he is now working on his creation TRIBULATIONS.  
    Lyle lives in Benson, NC (end of the world, and take a left)  with his beautiful and supporting wife, Dana, their daughter Gwen, son Gavin, and Race Dog, who is cute, but can be a pain in the ass. 

Karl Moline

Karl Moline has been a professional comic book artist working for all of the major comics publishers over the last twenty years.  He is best known for his work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Fray, but has also worked on titles such as Superboy-Convergence, Avengers Arena, Avengers Academy, Rogue, Route 666, Daredevil 2099, Loners, Seekers of the Weird, Hulk smash Avengers, B.P.R.D., and Spiderman Unlimited amongst others.  He lives near Tampa Florida and likes cats and magic.

Alex Smith

Alex Smith is an illustrator and designer based in Charleston, South Carolina. He is the artist of Princeless: Make yourself issue 0 from Action Lab Comics, Out-Thinking the 7 Lies About School from Jantzi Test Prep, and album covers for Tribe One, Fat Royale, and Tripping the Mechanism. In his free time, Alex enjoys drawing comics, spending time with his family, and playing as much disc golf as possible. Along with nearly 20 years of experience, Alex has a degree in commercial graphics and illustration.

Joshua Robertson

 Joshua Robertson is an award-winning author in fantasy, and a writer for Fantasy-Faction.
You may recognize him as the dude whose dragons were said to destroy George R.R. Martin's and Christopher Paolini's dragons in a very biased Twitter poll. His first novel, Melkorka, was released in 2015, and he has been writing fantasy fiction like clockwork ever since. Known most for his Thrice Nine Legends Saga, Robertson enjoys an ever-expanding and extremely loyal following of readers. 

He currently lives in North Carolina with his better half and his horde of goblins.

Kevin Sharpe

  • For almost two decades, Kevin Sharpe has worked in the field of Graphic art and storytelliing in Comic Books and other types of media.
  • Kevin has worked for Marvel worldwide, DC entertainment, IDW, Image comics, Harris Comics, Crossgen, Dynamite Entertainment and many other publishers.
  • In the realm of Cards and Gaming, he has Worked for Upper Deck, Dynamite , and TOPPS, and also worked  on Deadlands games as a In-house Artist. 

Loren Bobbitt

  • Loren is a freelance trading card artist. So far she has worked on Marvel Now! and Thor: The Dark World sets.

Deanna Anderson

  • Deanna Anderson is an independent author of short story anthologies, themed fill-in journals, and new age spiritual books,. She also freelances for regional publications such as Let's Go! SC, Lakeside Magazine, and The Sumter Item. Married and the mom of two daughters she divides her time between writing, family, and her community.

"Papa" Stro Maestro

  • Papa Stro is an American professional wrestler and actor, best known for his appearances with World Championship Wrestling under the ring name ''The Maestro''. He has also wrestled for independent circuit professional wrestling promotions such as the United States Wrestling Association, Smokey Mountain Wrestling and the World Wrestling Council. He is currently competing under the ring name ''The Stro''. 
  • In addition to wrestling, he is also a television and film actor. He has appeared on several episodes of the television series ''One Tree Hill'' and the horror films ''12-24'' and ''Deader Country''.!/

Chris "Cabbie" Bradberry

Sketch card artist at Cryptozoic Entertainment, Sketch card artist at Breygent Marketing Inc. and Sketch card artist at Rittenhouse Archives.

Matt “Splatter Geek” Brooks

Matt “Splatter Geek” Brooks is a watercolor and cover artist from Charleston, SC most recognized for his vibrant "splatter color" style.  Merging his love for expressionism and pop culture, Matt has created work for Dynamite Comics (Red Sonja) and Stan Lee. 

Alterna Comics

Matthew David Smith

  • Matthew David Smith is a comic book writer living in middle Georgia. His credits include Alterna Comics' "Amazing Age" and "Blood-Drenched Creature Double Feature," the self-published "Simon Says", and the screenplays for the indie horror films, "Bee Sting" and "Bee Sting 2: Bear Sting". 

Jeremy Massie

  •  Jeremy Massie is a cartoonist hailing from the mountains of Virginia, but he now lives in a big city in North Carolina. A graduate of SCAD, Massie's work can be seen in "Amazing Age", "Fubar", "Bee Sting", and his original graphic novels "All My Ghosts" and "The Deadbeat". 

Christine Brunson

  • Christine Brunson is a self-taught colorist hailing from the Charleston, SC area. Her writing and coloring can be found in her self-published series "Undead Norm". Recently, she was the colorist on Alterna Comics' newsprint series, "Amazing Age". 

Jet Taylor

I'm an artist wanting to see where I can go with my talents while working a full time job and finishing school. I use my iPad Air 2 and the procreate app to make most of the artwork you'll see in my gallery.
I also go to conventions to sell prints so I'm always thinking of what I could create that would sell well at the next con.

T M Showers

  • Lines, colors, ghosts, monsters, robot chicks and laser beams: T.M. Showers is an art-making cyborg from the year 1984.

Matari Bain

Writer, illustrator, inker, graphic designer, painter, radio personality, voice-over actor, music producer, recording artist, mix engineer.

Emil Koepcke

Artist and creator of indie comic Sinthetic owner operator of Atomic Graphics/ Atomic Studios 

Array Books

  • Writing in one form or another since he was eleven, Jordon Greene is the author of the Amazon Bestsellers To Watch You Bleed and They'll Call It Treason. Starting with a short story competition in fifth grade in the North Carolina foothills Jordon really began to write seriously during his high school years. While these musings never turned into a quality full-length novel they did lay the groundwork for Jordon's entrance into the literary world in 2016 when he published his first novel.

Art By Desi

  •  I am dedicated to bringing health, beauty, and well-being to my clients through safe body art. I want to bring a good and peaceful feeling to the lives of all those I touch so that they can then share it with the world around them.


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